Have you ever read books and blogs and just came accross only negative things about a place that you don’t want to go there at all, this was the case for me.

To be honest never believe all they say go and find out for yourself, take risks and book that ticket.

India holds the biggest population in the world therefore the traffic will shock you that’s something you have to be prepared for .

I was fortunate to visit during the mansoon season, dark clouds, strong winds and humidity at the same time is the feeling of the mansoon

I’d recommend that you use an Uber because it’s extremely cheap and convenient from one place to another,the drivers might not speak English but you will arrive at your destination.

The streets of Mumbai will leave you amazed at the beautiful buildings well built and colourful,on the other hand just after the airport you are welcomed by the famous slums which will leave you in absolute shock at below the line poverty that still exists.

I was fortunate to stay in Hotel Trident later upgraded to Oberoi hotels my check in was super fast and professional I was blown away by this magnificent building with more than 3000 shops joined along side 3 malls very busy but you will be given absolutely attention.

Nameste you will here this more often,as tired as I was I just couldn’t rest because I was overwhelmed with excitement and the jet lag was taking over.

The service was great and it only got better through the night oh my this place was just worth every penny.

From top notch restaurants to exciting night clubs , and ofcourse the bikini was out there to play.

Considering that I’m a black women which made me exotic and very rare, so be prepared to be stated at because it shall not stop at anytime.

Remember to buy as many shawls as possible at the colaba market you will be spoiled for choice.

It was such a beautiful experience to wear this

My first Saree

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God is within her she will not fail

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