Located along Langata road just 15minutes away from the city centre you will find the Safari walk. It’s a walk from the name it’s self so please wear flares for the ladies and just get ready for the longest walk of your lifetime.

Before setting off there is an entrance fee of 215 shillings for locals and tourist fee that slightly varies.

Don’t worry the staff are very friendly from the main gate entrance they will direct you over to the gate pass where you get a ticket and please carry your ID and passport they are very strict with this even for your kids or you won’t have access.

As your journey begins you will see monkeys walking around but don’t be scared like me they are so friendly and just minding their own business.

Take time to enjoy the nature and animals.To be honest you don’t need a guide as you can discover everything on your own and find other people who are enjoying the epic view too.

Take photos and videos and have fun, kindly bring water with you there are very clean toilets so incase you need to use one it’s there with no charge.

Walk,walk and just enjoy the experience,as you are half way you will see a sleeping Leopard a few minutes away you will come across Zebra, Antelope, Buffalo, and a crocodile grazing through the grass.

Lastly the monkeys are your friends so you will get regular visits so be ready to see them up close.

After the walk there are several local restaurants to visit and eat something to unwind and rest your feet, and enjoy great music.

There’s a kids zone for your kids too so don’t worry they can play as you lunch through the afternoon, furthermore the food is very affordable and the servers are very friendly, the food is about 5minutes wait.

See you at Nairobi safari walk next time.

Enjoying the walk on warmer Sunday afternoons

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