Located along limuru and Kiambu road in Nairobi you will find this treenery forest away from the outskirts of City Center, it’s a perfect Sunday Gateway.

There’s an entrance fee for both locals at 100 shillings and for tourists a different price, there are different options of payment in form of cash,mpesa and card is also accepted.

Before you plan your treat make sure you dress comfortably sporty like and just easy and be ready, the staff are very friendly and welcoming.

Carry some water and fruits because there’s a search as it’s environment watch out for littering which is prohibited.

They offer bicycles if you want to cycle and there’s a map to lead you to the waterfall.

You can go with your friends or just alone because the walking just relaxes you and the cycling too, mostly people there are helpful so you won’t get bored.

Take as much pics as you want and enjoy the fresh air,sit if you can’t walk anymore read a book and listen to music.

Hope you find time to visit this place on your visit to Nairobi or if you haven’t thought of visiting yet.

A day in Karura Forest

Mau mau caves

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