Restaurants in Nairobi, Kenya have become a Thing.working in a restaurant for 3 years,I have seen massive growth in this untapped industry.

A coffee a day keeps stress away,or keeps others awake and makes them work a little harder

Although Kenyans don’t do coffee as much because it’s rather more expensive or the taste isn’t quite like what they expect or used to, there’s however rising number of coffee lovers who appreciate the taste,aroma and benefits that come with it

A regular cup of coffee ranges from 200 to 350 ksh in most restaurants this is relatively expensive.

And now most Kenyans diverting to other milk alternatives such as Soy Milk or Almond milk also shows a shift in the taste of coffee.

Do you like your coffee black or white?it doesn’t really matter great coffee smells good,it’s refined,the darker the beans the taster the coffee.

Lastly if for people that don’t like sugar , there’s alternatives such as honey, syrups that can add flavours to your coffee such as caramel, vanilla, hazelnut and sugar syrup, for Zero tolerance of sugar never be afraid to add candrell to your coffee.

How Do you like your coffee??

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