Recently I was scheduled to travel to Botswana for my big brothers university graduation and these are the mistakes I made

If you have a date in mind or a month you can go ahead and book your ticket ahead to get a cheaper deal ,you can do an online purchase or go to a travel agent.

Last minute rush which I found rather very frustrating and stressful.

I attempted to book my ticket online but I realised that most tickets are in dollars so they automatically deduct according to the exchange of the day.I would recommend kayak and Sky scanner for flight online booking.

I looked around to check what travel agents price ranges were offering,I didn’t have an airline in mind at that moment so I was even more confused.below are things to note as you plan your travel.

  • Always book ahead of time.
  • Create time to check out different airlines
  • Approach a travel agent if you are stuck they always have the best deals in town
  • Agents will always recommend the cheapest options and connect your routes wisely and offer advise on easier travel
  • Cheaper tickets means 2-3 stopovers, enjoy the experience and meet new people
  • Check the weather on the place you going so you can pack the most important stuff, avoid over packing
  • Check luggage limits and what items not to include in hand luggage
  • Check medical requirements so it doesn’t create problems for you in transit airport’s
  • If you are a first time traveller just ask the customer service for help if you don’t know the gate or terminal.
  • Always check to see if you have your travel documents at all times ,before you leave the country change your money to dollars or Euros according to the number of days you will travel trust ,me it saves you money and you get value for your money.


Alert your bank on your travel so that you aren’t blocked while trying to cash out money in a different country of travel,all you need is to fill in a travel notice form its however important because just incase you are stuck they can help you immediately without hesitation.

Lastly as you arrive if you havent changed your money just withdraw the amount of money you will need for your stay,do not swipe your card everywhere you go the charges are usually six times more than your resident country use cash as much as you can,thank me later.

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