Dimples not many have them embrace them anyway

Smiling and glowing

Keep smiling it brings happiness to the soul
Keep smiling it’s a language too

Who would want to be around moody people anyways

They say happy girls are the prettiest

It works try it
As a Server the first word is your smile that captivates your guest

It takes less muscles to smile and more to frown !
In everything you do find a reason to be happy

Sure you will always find something to be grateful for
Even in days when things are hard just look around and see the little things that make you happy

It's a message in itself
You could brighten a room by just smiling and positive energy

You are what is inside of you
Glowing skin comes with comes from what is within you

Just smile it out
90% of the Time you receive the energy you give out

Why hide that smile because of imperfection
I’m aware that I don’t have all my teeth but I smile anyway

It makes you more approachable most of the time
As a woman your Smile is your business Card

Published by alicekamanda

God is within her she will not fail

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