Looking for a relaxing greenery,leafy place within Nairobi,

Stedmark Gardens will take your breath away.

  • From the entrance you there’s a walking pathway surrounded by all greenery woddy and welcoming environment I must say.


It’s a free entrance that’s something to note,its located just 5minutes away from Galleria mall, I’d recommend that You Uber your way there the first time or use Google maps to

There’s a beautiful garden on both the left and right side,this can be good for book lovers , it’s a huge place so to get the most of the adventure you should walk around.

It is a 24hours stopover with a hotel,Cafe, and African cuisine offering, the fresh air sets you free and you will not want to leave.

As it gets cold you offered clean blankets,a walk down the river where you find floating restaurant boats and flags hanging representing different Countries, they have a bar and sitting room setting, there’s a Snake section by the hotel side too.

In conclusion find time to visit this blissful place away from our ever busy city.

Published by alicekamanda

God is within her she will not fail

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