The 26-28 November 2018 I attended the Blue Economy Conference that was hosted in Kenya International Conference Center this saw 181 countries represented and more than 15000 delegates gather in one place.

  • This was however my first Conference experience, and would like to share some of my experiences.
  • I was asked to register for it online because that was the procedure before the deadline.It was a very simple and straightforward registration and thereafter you receive a confirmation on your email.
  • Secondly the collection of the pass and tags,was to be done before you attend.There was good Security at the entrance, and they were directing you to the room that you applied for.
  • The blue Economy is how we care for our our Oceans and make them sustainable for the future Generation.

Learns learnt during this period

  • Read and research more about the conference.
  • Know the time and place it will be held.
  • Make sure you carry a note book with you.
  • Ask questions during the sessions
  • Get to know the panel or the speakers for the day to prepare for networking time
  • During Networking be confident enough to talk to people engage and share experiences of the Conference and pitch out your interests as well
  • Less is more,you don’t have to talk to everyone to get more connections,stick to your list and be kind enough to be approachable as well.
  • Exchange your business cards for follow ups.

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