Nyama Mama

The simpliest tea that keeps Kenyans happy in a restaurant is what we call a Dawa. Dawa in Swahili means medicine. The Dawa tea is believed to keep the cold away and sooth a sore throat. It’s an everyday type of tea made from fresh lemon, ginger, and honey found in most restaurants in Kenya.

Nyama Mama
Fresh Lemon & Ginger!!!

Nyama Mama is my favorite new restaurants that serves one of the best Dawas in town. After two sips you are sure to want a bit more. They have really good service and beautiful ambience with an African touch and vintage combined.

Charlie’s Bistro

One of my favorite things I can’t live without having is Charlie’s Bristro’s Ultimate Freak Shake. It comes at handy and sizzles you through a hot weather.

Ultimate Freak Shake Charlie's Bistro
Ultimate Freak Shake

Coffee Connect

From the moment you walk in you just fall in love with the ambience and the big smiles from all the staff. You can choose from a range of coffee beans that you might like and whatever type of coffee drink you want. It’s one of those places that just makes you want more even though you might not be a coffee lover. There is fast WiFi, cozy environment and it is located along River side Drive.

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