It was around 4 o’clock that I made it to this piece of heaven. I had never seen anything close to this. There was a fee to enter accompanied by a tour guide, quite friendly I must say.


The tour started with the crossing of the  bridge shaky so it needs one to really learn to balance and wear comfy shoes.

The Big Jump

After the bridge we crossed over to the meeting place of the fresh water creeks and the salt water from the ocean. I preferred bare foot to feel the water and sand.


From there we explored the surrounding area covered by the ever green mangroves. It was breath-taking.


The fun continued with a hydro experience. It is a must when ever the opportunity arises. The boat ride is on the creek which surrounds the Mangrove making it feel like a small island.

Captain Alice
In the boat


I really had a good time and would definitely recommend anyone to take time to visit the Mida creek and experience all it has to offer.

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  1. Thanks a lot Alice, for learning me about Kenya I dont even know exsist. Go on with your project I will follow you.👍


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