The local Grill Village Market

Looking for fine dinning experience the local Grill is the place to be.

Please Reserve a table to avoid disappointment.

Dress up and enjoy the food, from the starters,to main course you will yearn for more

You get to choose any part of the cow you like from aged to now.

Very good Service is expected and no wait time


David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage

I’d recommend you to visit this place on Sunday it’s open for only one hour strictly 11am to 12am,you will enjoy it as much as I did.

It’s well organized and you pay 500 shillings cash to view the Elephants.

You will be surprised at how many people turn up it’s magical, and carry a hat because it gets relatively sunny and a bottle of water.

Lastly you will see the Elephants and learn on why they are Orphans and why we should take our environmental issues seriously, furthermore you can adopt an Elephant of your choice and get a Certificate and monthly news letters at 50 dollars yearly .

See you there!

A day kissing A Giraffe in Giraffe Center In Karen Nairobi

Ever wondered where to visit when in Nairobi?

I’d recommend a visit to the Giraffe Center just 10 minutes away from the City Center.The Entrance price is 250 shillings for residence and 1500 shillings for non residence payable by mpesa or card payment strictly.

That gets you a tour guide who will take you through what goes on there and allows Questions and Answers.

There’s a restaurant within the center but they allow only card and mpesa transaction.

Lastly you will get to feed the giraffe with food pallets

Don’t worry you will be kissed back.

Brew Bistro Not Only The Brew But The Food

If you have found yourself in Brew Bistro,it’s not just a a night club.

Take the Menu and order some food you will be surprised at how delicious and filling it is.

The wine bar is great , Ambience way over the top, service is relatively good, and now they have a new brunch in Galleria Mall,

kindly pass by and enjoy tasteful meals and Smoothies to sooth your thirst in this hot weather.

The Carnivore Restaurant

If u want to try out different types of meat Carnivore Restaurant is the place to be especially on a Sunday afternoon

I’d recommend that you dress casually and be ready to eat,

You will get a menu showing a platter you can have with different prices affordable I must say.

In the platter the is crocodile, sausages, chicken wings, ostrich, potato wedges and ofcourse some steak


Today I Take you to Nairobi safari walk

Located along Langata road just 15minutes away from the city centre you will find the Safari walk. It’s a walk from the name it’s self so please wear flares for the ladies and just get ready for the longest walk of your lifetime.

Before setting off there is an entrance fee of 215 shillings for locals and tourist fee that slightly varies.

Don’t worry the staff are very friendly from the main gate entrance they will direct you over to the gate pass where you get a ticket and please carry your ID and passport they are very strict with this even for your kids or you won’t have access.

As your journey begins you will see monkeys walking around but don’t be scared like me they are so friendly and just minding their own business.

Take time to enjoy the nature and animals.To be honest you don’t need a guide as you can discover everything on your own and find other people who are enjoying the epic view too.

Take photos and videos and have fun, kindly bring water with you there are very clean toilets so incase you need to use one it’s there with no charge.

Walk,walk and just enjoy the experience,as you are half way you will see a sleeping Leopard a few minutes away you will come across Zebra, Antelope, Buffalo, and a crocodile grazing through the grass.

Lastly the monkeys are your friends so you will get regular visits so be ready to see them up close.

After the walk there are several local restaurants to visit and eat something to unwind and rest your feet, and enjoy great music.

There’s a kids zone for your kids too so don’t worry they can play as you lunch through the afternoon, furthermore the food is very affordable and the servers are very friendly, the food is about 5minutes wait.

See you at Nairobi safari walk next time.

Enjoying the walk on warmer Sunday afternoons

Leg Days in karura Forest

Located along limuru and Kiambu road in Nairobi you will find this treenery forest away from the outskirts of City Center, it’s a perfect Sunday Gateway.

There’s an entrance fee for both locals at 100 shillings and for tourists a different price, there are different options of payment in form of cash,mpesa and card is also accepted.

Before you plan your treat make sure you dress comfortably sporty like and just easy and be ready, the staff are very friendly and welcoming.

Carry some water and fruits because there’s a search as it’s environment watch out for littering which is prohibited.

They offer bicycles if you want to cycle and there’s a map to lead you to the waterfall.

You can go with your friends or just alone because the walking just relaxes you and the cycling too, mostly people there are helpful so you won’t get bored.

Take as much pics as you want and enjoy the fresh air,sit if you can’t walk anymore read a book and listen to music.

Hope you find time to visit this place on your visit to Nairobi or if you haven’t thought of visiting yet.

A day in Karura Forest

Mau mau caves

Coffee and work

Restaurants in Nairobi, Kenya have become a Thing.working in a restaurant for 3 years,I have seen massive growth in this untapped industry.

A coffee a day keeps stress away,or keeps others awake and makes them work a little harder

Although Kenyans don’t do coffee as much because it’s rather more expensive or the taste isn’t quite like what they expect or used to, there’s however rising number of coffee lovers who appreciate the taste,aroma and benefits that come with it

A regular cup of coffee ranges from 200 to 350 ksh in most restaurants this is relatively expensive.

And now most Kenyans diverting to other milk alternatives such as Soy Milk or Almond milk also shows a shift in the taste of coffee.

Do you like your coffee black or white?it doesn’t really matter great coffee smells good,it’s refined,the darker the beans the taster the coffee.

Lastly if for people that don’t like sugar , there’s alternatives such as honey, syrups that can add flavours to your coffee such as caramel, vanilla, hazelnut and sugar syrup, for Zero tolerance of sugar never be afraid to add candrell to your coffee.

How Do you like your coffee??

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